All your Questions answered in one place
Why don’t we as clients get alert messages when results are out?
We are still working on a Lifespan application where you will be able to view your results and get alert messages when results are out.
Are your results accepted at the border and with Airlines?
Yes, our results are accepted at the border and with Airlines. We are confirmed by both the Ministry of Hhealth and with the Dental Council.
What are the forms of payment at Lifespan Diagnostics?
We accept card, cash and Medical aid as forms of payment. Accepted Medical aids are Medscheme and Oracle/Momentum.
How much is an express service and how does it work?
An express service is E1500.00 and it comes out after two and a half hours.
When is the covid testing price going to be reduced?
When we have low testing cost of our consumables.
Do we do DNA tests?
Not yet, but we will do DNA tests in the months to come.
Are we open 24hours?
No, our operating hours are as follow: During the week from 7:00am until 8:00pm and on weekend and holidays we open at 8:00am to 5:00pm.
Why don’t we have Lifespan Diagnostics laboratories in other regions apart from Manzini and Mbabane?
We are still a growing business and yet to establish other branches, hence we opened our new branch in Mbabane.
Ways to contact Lifespan Diagnostics?
Manzini branch – 76387088, 76507991 and 2505 1381 or
Mbabane branch – 76818303, 76818305 and 2404 8457