Our Passion is Pathology|Quality|Reliability|Innovation

Lifespan Diagnostics is a fully automated pathology and diagnostics laboratory that offers timely, affordable and quality test results. Our diagnostics services are differentiated to meet the needs of doctors, patients through accessible, reliable and innovative products. We adhere to the same strict policies and procedures to make sure our clients needs are met. Operating Hours :Mon-Sun 08.00am -17.00pm

Our Mission
To offer accessible clinical laboratory solutions through innovative methods that deliver timely and accurate results which adhere to quality standards.

Our Vision

To be a leader in laboratory diagnostics Eswatini, focused on empowering health and impacting lives.

Our Values

Integrity: We promote an honest, safe and transparent relationship with our stakeholders.

Sustainability: We aim to achieve growth and expansion whilst demonstrating positive economic, social and environmental impact.

Reliability: We provide timely and consistent quality service delivery.

Innovation: We are an industry disrupter that emulates continuous technological improvements leading to positive radical change in the health sector of Eswatini.